Rapid Environment Editor Rapid Environment Editor is a freeware Windows environment variables editor

Rapid Environment Editor

Rapid Environment Editor is an environment variables editor. It includes easy to use GUI and replaces small and inconvenient Windows edit box. Features: * Show environment vars as an editable tree * Ability to choose variable value using File Explorer tree * Automatically checking for invalid paths/filenames * Backup environment variables to the reg file * Drag`n`drop support to reorder values * "Portable mode" to run from removable media

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Jade Integrated Development Environment 4.10: JadeIDE the Integrated Development Environment for JAVA supporting the SUN JDK.

Jade Integrated Development Environment 4.10

Environment is a straightforward development environment, which provides a GUI for the most important tools of the SUN JDK in order to ease the editing of source code, the compilation of Java classes and finally the execution of a Java Application respectively a Java Applet. Supported are the following functions: 01. Jade Editor optimized for Java coding (positioning to method, template insertion, checkpoint management...). 02. invocation of the

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support environment 1.0: support environmen toolbar for firefox

support environment 1.0

support environmen toolbar for firefox. find ways to help the planet and stop global warming.easily reach support environment information directly from your brawser

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3D Virtual Cube 1.0: Play the virtual version of Rubik`s, Arxon, OddzOn and Bicolor cube game in 3D.

3D Virtual Cube 1.0

Play the virtual version of Rubik`s, Arxon, OddzOn and Bicolor cube game in 3D environment. You can play with scrambled and your own painted cubes. You have the opportunity to undo and redo your moves. You can also download or make your own panoramic environment files. Using panoramic environments makes playing very exciting.

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Visual Prolog 7.3.7303: Visual Prolog 7.3 PE,  Programming environment: compiler, IDE, linker, debugger.

Visual Prolog 7.3.7303

environment with: * Integrated Development Environment * Compiler * Linker * Debugger The Personal Edition is for non-commercial usage only. It creates EXE and DLL files. There is library support for: file system, console, registry, environment variables and GUI programs. The Personal Edition has limited library support compared to the Commercial Edition. With the Commercial Edition you get additional GUI controls, COM support, ODBC support, sockets

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Cavern Escape 1.001: Find a way out of the mysterious cavern in this adventure game

Cavern Escape 1.001

Find a way out of the mysterious cavern in this adventure game. Use whatever objects you find along with the surrounding environment to plot your escape. Use the mouse to interact with the environment and items in your inventory. Left-click on an item and then click on a part of the environment to use the item on the selected part. Click on the arrows on the screen to maneuver around the cavern.

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Easy Encryptor 4.0: Through the Easy Encryptor, you can keep your conversion private.

Easy Encryptor 4.0

With the development of information technology, the current Internet environment becomes more complex. Through the Easy Encryptor, you can safely send and receive text messages and files confidential environment in complex networks.

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ENVy Computer Compare 2.0: Compare two computer systems in great detail, hunting down small differences.

ENVy Computer Compare 2.0

ENVy compares the environments of two or more PCs and presents a color-annotated display of the results. ENVy compares tens of thousands of computer-wide settings such as with Internet Explorer, Network Config, ACL Permissions, Drivers, Devices, Environment Variables, Services, System Information, Startup Commands, Hardware, BIOS, User Groups, User Accounts, Installed Software, Operating System and more...

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Clear-It 2007: The ultimate task manager to clear the operating environment for program setup.

Clear-It 2007

Clear-It is the ultimate task manager that can clear the operating environment for program installation, CD/DVD burning, or resource intensive applications. Clear-It can be used to terminate applications individually or in groups to create a specific operating environment or as part of the process of Windows troubleshooting. Unlike the Windows Task Manager, Clear-It does not disappear until you tell it to.

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CertExams.com Network Plus LabSim 1.0: Network+ Lab Simulator with 100+ lab exercises.

CertExams.com Network Plus LabSim 1.0

CertExams.com lab simulator for CompTIA Network+ consists of several lab exercises for thorough hands-on preparation in a simulated network environment. This labsim is particularly useful for candidates intending to lean computer networking in a LAN/WAN environment. One will be able to practice existing lab exercises or design one`s own labs using GUI interface. Several networking devices including routers, switches and WAPs are supported.

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